Andréa Becker

Andréa Becker

Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology

About Me:

I’m a PhD candidate in sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center, where I am a National Science Foundation GRFP Fellow. I also teach sociology of health at Lehman College.

My research questions regard gender & sexuality, medical sociology, and stigma. I am primarily interested in “contested medical practices,” and the way culture and gender shape the way we understand health, medicine, and our bodies.

My dissertation examines hysterectomy narratives among two gendered case studies: individuals with chronic reproductive illness (e.g. endometriosis or fibroids) and trans & non-binary folks seeking gender affirming medical care. I use a reproductive justice lens to examine variations across groups of hysto patients.

Other streams of research examine sexual violence and the way heteronormativity and gender ideologies normalize various forms of violence, including cyberstalking and unwanted sex. 

Outside of my research, I can be found biking around Brooklyn, looking for the best tacos in the city, hanging out with my dog Tuna, or doing freelance journalism work.

I’m currently working on my dissertation research on hysterectomies. Email me or click: Link to Sign Up!!

More About My Work:

I use a range of methods to explore my various research interests: interviews, content analysis, surveys, experimental means, vignette studies, and formal demographic techniques.