Academic Research

I use qualitative and quantitative methods to explore questions regarding medicine, gender & sexuality, the politics of reproduction, and science and technology studies.

My research has been funded by the National Science Foundation GRFP, the Society for Family Planning, the Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellowship, the CUNY Dissertation Fellowship, and more.

My work is published in a range of high impact journals. A list of peer reviewed articles can be found below. I have various forthcoming articles on hysterectomy, abortion, and gender affirming care in-progress and under review.

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Published Articles

Patterson, Evelyn, Andréa Becker and Darwin Baluran. 2022. “Gendered Racism on the Body: An Intersectional Approach to Maternal Mortality in the United States.” Population Research and Policy Review 41:1261-1294.

Broussard, Kathleen, and Andréa Becker. 2021.“Self-Removal of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception: A Content Analysis of YouTube Videos.” Contraception.

Becker, Andréa, and Lena R. Hann. 2021. “‘It Makes It More Real’: Examining Ambiguous Fetal Meanings in Abortion Care.” Social Science & Medicine 272:113736.

Becker, Andréa, Jessie V. Ford, and Timothy J. Valshtein. 2020. “Confusing Stalking for Romance: Examining the Labeling and Acceptability of Men’s (Cyber)Stalking of Women.” Sex Roles 85:73–87. 10.1007/s11199-020-01205-2

Lena Hann and Andréa Becker. 2020. “The Option to Look: Patient-Centered Pregnancy Tissue Viewing at Independent Abortion Clinics in the United States.” Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. 28(1):1730122.

Jessie V. Ford and Andréa Becker. 2020. “‘A Situation Where There Aren’t Rules’: Unwanted Sex for Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Men.” Sociological Science 7:57-74.

Becker, Andréa. 2019. “‘My Abortion Made Me a Good Mom’: An Analysis of the Use of Motherhood Identity to Dispel Abortion Stigma.” Reproduction, Health, and Medicine, Advances in Medical Sociology 20:219-240. Guest Editors: Elizabeth M. Armstrong, Susan Markens, and Miranda R. Waggoner.

Brown, Hana, Jennifer J. Jones, and Andréa Becker, 2018. “The Racialization of Latinos in New Immigrant Destinations: Criminality, Ascription, and Counter-Mobilization,” Russel Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 4(5):118-40

*Honorable Mention ASA Latinx Sociology 2019 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Research

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